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The History Of Corsets

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The word "corset" contains the French word corps=bodys. The history of corsets is a long one. The first ones appearing in Minoan times(about 1700 BC) and then virtually disappearing until the Renaissance(15th century). The corset is still worn today, and it is making a major comeback. The shape of corsets has changed continuously throughout history with the aesthetic conception of the female figure then in fashion and with the type of dress. At one time it was large, then again it was as small as a fairly wide belt; sometimes it accentuated or raised the bosom, then minimized and flattened it again. It often stressed the waist, narrowed the hips or emphasized them.

This community is for the discussion of the history of corsets and fashion history in general. Please put large images behind a cut for our members with slower connections. Sales and ebay posts are not allowed, as there are many communities already that would be far more appropriate for your auction. I will however consider sales posts of antiques and possibly historically correct reproductions of corsets. Please try and avoid any flaming of others in this community. If you're going to act like a jerk, go away.