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The History Of Corsets

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The Great Antique Corset Research Project [Oct. 8th, 2008|09:11 am]
The History Of Corsets


I am in the early stages of working on a research project documenting the corset manufacturers of the 19th & 20th centuries:

I am also compiling a list of manufacturer's corset style numbers and the years they were released/available/advertised to help museums and collectors accurately date their antique corsets. It's a huge and ongoing project likely to take decades at least.

As you can see I have very little info so far. If ever you have information, even if it's just documentable basic dates and facts, I would be very interested. If you have very specific info such as documentable, dated ads or catalogs showing corset brands with style numbers I would LOVE if you could contribute your information to the project. (I am sorry, I am too poor to pay at this point.)

All information I collect will be shared with the public though may eventually become part of a book as well.

If anyone has an antique corset with a known manufacturer and style number I may be able to give you a date for it (or a date range, some manufacturers re-used style numbers it seems...darn you Nemo!).

Thank you everyone,


From: wv26003
2009-04-12 08:00 pm (UTC)

Corset Manufacturer that is not on your list

My mother worked as a secretary for a corset manufacturer in Allentown, PA when she graduated from high school in 1937. The name of the company was called Charis Foundations. I know nothing further about the company. I was thinking about writing to the Secretary of State for PA to see if they have any old records that would tell me when it went out of business. I suspect the company was incorporated in another state and did business in PA as a "foreign corporation." I arrived at your site because I was interested in learning about what happened to my mother's very first employer - just being sentimental. I'm going to do some additional research when I visit PA later this year. The public library may have some records. I'll let you know what I learn.
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